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Houdini's Sustainability Timeline

Houdini's Sustainability Timeline

Learn about our milestones, both big and small, and see how our sustainability work has developed since our founding days in 1993.

Late 80’s
We are a group of Swedish climbing and ski-touring friends who travel the globe in chase of good routs, good runs and good fun.

Early 90’s
We pioneer in the development of technical performance base layers made of stretch fleece. Except for keeping us warm and dry, these progressive beauties provide exceptional freedom of movement, progressive styling and the possibility to pack lighter, carry less and go further.

- The word around Houdini gear spreads like a wildfire within the mountaineering community and the Houdini brand is born.
- We open a small Houdini HQ in Stockholm

We start Houdini Repairs to make sure Houdini gear can be repaired at their later stages in life and become true lifelong companions.

Houdini’s environmental quest begins: We want to keep the great outdoors great. Assessments of our partners’ environmental impact are performed, strategies are set and work begins. Houdini’s product & design philosophy is established, which stresses versatility, durability and comfort without making any environmental compromises. Read more about the Houdini Design Checklist here.

- Alpha is born: Houdini’s trailblazing range of base layers is made of recycled polyester that dries super quickly, is soft like cotton and extremely durable.
- Houdini’s minimalistic design-DNA becomes clearer.
- Houdini Friends join our company as an important part of the product development and brand building.

- Houdini’s legendary Power Houdi is launched. Some of our customers call it addictive.
- Houdini launches in Norway.

- Our Liquid product range is launched: Multifunctional garments for on- and off-road activities in warm weather, for both wet and dry conditions. This makes any Liquid product the perfect travel companion.
- Houdini launches in Japan.

Houdini Kids is launched, creating clothes for small adventurers.

- We sign a partnership with Teijin, one of our fabric suppliers selected for their expertise on recycling, to ensure closed loop production of the highest quality.
- Houdini launches in Germany.

- Houdini goes circular! We launch our first entirely recycled and recyclable products, developed in collaboration with Teijin.
- Recycling units to collect worn-out Houdini products from our customers are placed in our stores.
- We move to a new HQ, located on the waterfront in Stockholm.

- Dunfri is launched: Down-free insulation garments that keep you warm and dry in all conditions and are easy to pack. Because we don’t like stealing birds’ feathers and we do believe in modern technology.
- Houdini launches in the USA and Denmark.

- Launch of our Motion range: State-of-the-art recycled and recyclable soft-shell layers.
- Launch of our Metropolis range: Urban and versatile products that are built to last, both in terms of quality and style.
- Houdini launches in Italy.

- Launch of the ScrapMeUp Project: Using leftover fabric from production, we designed and produced limited edition garments in order to minimize waste.
- CNBC lists Houdini as one of Europe’s 25 most innovative companies.
- We establish a policy to solely manufacture in Europe so we can have full control over the implementation of our sustainability standards.
- We start working with upcycling plastics: European PET bottles bound for landfills are saved and recycled into Houdini products.
- Houdini launches in Switzerland and Kuwait.

- Launch of Airborn SilkMerino: A unique combination of merino wool and silk, resulting in ultralight, organic, renewable and biodegradable fabric.
- Launch of our Slipstream segment: Training clothes specifically developed for high-endurance activities, allowing you to run the extra mile at all times.
- We partner up with Bluesign in order to gain even better control over the consumption of water and electricity, use of chemicals and other Corporate Social Responsibility issues during our production process.
- We win the Scandinavian Outdoor Award with our Surpass 2.5L Jacket: A stretchy, circularly produced shell jacket of which even the membrane is recyclable.
- Houdini launches in Austria.

- Launch of our Rental program, challenging the common view on consumption. We believe that having access to a product is more important than owning it. This is why we decided to highlight the benefits of sharing.
- Launch of our Reuse line: Second hand Houdini gear is now available in our shops, extending the lifetime of our products and allowing more people to use them.
- Houdini Brand Store opens on Norrlandsgatan 12 in Stockholm.
- Houdini is named one of "100 Innovations" at Stockholm’s Museum of Technology.
- Winner of Swedbank’s Sustainability Award
- The first Houdini Boulder BlockOut event is held: Aiming to encourage more people to climb outside, this bouldering event is held at a different place each year and promises to be a great experience whether you’re an expert or a beginner.
- Houdini launched in Benelux and Korea.

- We celebrate our 20th birthday with a magical party in Stockholm.
- Opening of Houdini Pop-up Store in Åre.
- Opening of Houdini Pop-up Store in Gothenburg.
- Houdini participates in research project Organo Click, which aims to develop a fluorocarbon free Durable Water Repellent finish (DWR).
- We release our first Sustainability Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative.
- Houdini is elected FörebildsFöretag: We are now officially a company to come to for inspiration on sustainable business practices.
- Houdini launches in Finland.

- Houdini brand store Gothenburg opens: Designed to be as ecological as possible, this might just be the world’s greenest retail environment. Have a peek here.
- We win an ISPO Sustainability Award for our Bedrock fabric: A waterproof and breathable shell with unparalleled ventilation.
- Houdini launches in France.
- Opening of Houdini Pop-Up shop in Oslo.

- We win the ISPO Award Gold and Scandinavian Outdoor Award Gold for Corner, a shell layer in recycled and recyclable polyester with a PFOA-free water repellent.
- Houdini Täby Centrum opens.

The Houdini Menu project is initiated, putting our
organic products to the ultimate test. By composting them we
could prove they are pure enough to contribute to fertile soil
for growing food. Voilà, a fine dining menu made from wornout
base layers.

With Rollercoaster, we take on the holy grail of shell
layers, introducing the Made to move concept, a progressive
way of designing and cutting garments, creating groundbreaking
freedom of movement and enabling us to eliminate
stretch fibers.

We finally reach our goal 100% fluorocarbon-free!
After 8 years of innovation and co-creation, lab- and fieldtesting,
transitioning and implementation we have succeeded
with this critical transformation and joined forces with our
partners to make it happen.