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Our product and design philosophy

Our product and design philosophy

Our sustainability work starts as early as the planning stage. Which ideas become finished products? And how does this happen?

Houdini’s entire product development cycle starts with a product idea or a request for something from the Houdini team or one of our Friends. This could be a product that we think is missing from the market or an entirely new segment. We always review the following list of questions before we start the design process.

- Does this product deserve to exist?
Sometimes an idea can feel too narrow. We want our products to be used by many people for many different activities.

- Will it last long enough?
Sustainability is important to us, and this applies to the environment, quality and style. We want to produce durable products that can be passed on to the next generation.

- Is it versatile enough?
We do not want people to need a specific product for every activity. Your clothing should be versatile enough to carry minimal packing but still be ready to take on any adventure that should arise. We call this “wearable multi-tools”.

- Will it age with beauty and be a lifelong companion?
We want our clothes to be esthetically contemporary, even after a few years. We may work a lot with color and shape, but the whole idea is that the products should feel timeless and personal.

- Nothing unnecessary added?
Crisp design without unnecessary details, just what is needed for the garments to be functional. We also try to design our products so that they can be repaired if necessary.

We want our clothing to be perceived as comfortable and enjoyable by all five senses. Comfortable, functional and attractive. Thorough assessments of how much wind and rain they should withstand while still being able to release excess heat. We also have a plan for all of the colors we develop ourselves, and different colors fulfill different needs. Sometimes we need a safety color for shell garments or a light variation that does not absorb heat. We are very careful, however, about not choosing colors just because they are trendy. We create our own timeless colors, which makes it possible for you to find a product that you like and will continue to use for as many years as your product lasts, i.e. many, many years. Last, but not least, our clothes should be environmentally friendly so you can wear them with a clear conscious.

We also believe that the term consumption needs to be redefined. Maybe every single person does not need to own every product themselves; maybe it is possible to share with others. That is why we rent shell garments in our stores, thus enabling more customers to enjoy and use fewer products. We also offer second-hand sales in our stores.

Is it possible to consume in a more sustainable way?
Yes, here at Houdini, we believe strongly that this is possible.
Buy second-hand or rent/borrow what you need!
Use your clothes for a long, long time! Repair them if necessary.
When you need something new that is sustainable (e.g. style, quality and the environment) and made under good conditions – buy Houdini!