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Rent your activewear and minimize your environmental impact

Rent your activewear and minimize your environmental impact

By renting our products you contribute to a more sustainable consumption.

Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact and offer our customers alternative consumption possibilities, therefor we believe in renting as an alternative to buying new. In 2013 we started our rental service and since then it's been possible to rent products in our stores. In addition to introducing rentals as a new form of consumption, this alternative also allows customers to test products before deciding if they want to buy. When buying a garment that you have rented, we deduct the rental costs from the price.

This means that customers will be making more informed purchases and they will be buying products that they will want to use for a long time, which also benefits the environment and the use of the Earth’s resources.

Rental locations
At this moment we only offer rentals in Sweden and Norway, but we hope to expand this service in the future. Garments can be both rented from and returned to our stores in Stockholm, Täby Centrum, Barkarby, Gothenburg, Åre and Oslo.

Please contact our stores directly for booking and more information.

Copperhill Mountain Lodge Åre

Please contact Copperhill Mountain Lodge on +46 (0)647 143 00 or e-mail info@copperhill.se.

At Copperhill Mountain Lodge you can rent Candid shell layers for junior and D-jacket shell jacket, Purpose shell pants and Dunfri jacket for men and women.

Prices and products in our own stores

D-jacket shell jacket and Purpose shell pants, and Dunfri jacket
Friday - Monday morning
1 part: 400 sek
2 parts: 700 sek

Wednesday evening - Monday morning
1 del: 600 sek
2 parts: 1100 sek

One week
1 del: 800 sek
2 parts 1400 sek

Candid Junior shell jacket and pants
Friday - Monday morning
1 part: 300 sek
2 parts: 500 sek

Wednesday evening - Monday morning
1 part: 400 sek
2 parts: 700 sek

One week
1 part: 500 sek
2 parts: 900 sek