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Our design philosophy

Our design philosophy

Versatility, timelessness and sustainability are the words we live by when we develop our products. Read more about what we think about when developing new products.

Sometimes design is about inventing new, better things. But design is always about doing things that are sustainable in the long run. Things that quite simply do not need to be replaced thanks to their quality, style and function. The goal is not to be the next new thing. It is to never become old.

Comfort for all five senses
We think that the term comfort is much too narrow in the sportswear industry. We want you to feel comfortable in our garments in every aspect. Your clothes should be so comfortable that you barely notice that you are wearing them. They should protect you in any weather. You should feel like you can say Yes to any adventure. But you should also feel comfortable about buying them and know that they are environmentally sustainable.

No unnecessary products
We never produce products that do not fulfill an actual need for our customers. Before a product is created, we go through a design check list that reviews the potential product's use, esthetics and sustainability. Every garment that we create must pass this stringent review. Otherwise, we pass. Read more about our check list for new products.

Wearable multi-tools
We believe that versatility is a key component for our products. You should not need to buy one jacket for hiking, one jacket for kayaking, one jacket for biking and one for going to work. The less clothing we buy, the less of an impact we have on the environment. With our clothing you should be able to repeatedly head out on unplanned adventures without needing to be worried about your equipment.

From linear to circular
The whole idea that worn-out clothing must go into the trash heap has to change. By producing products from recycled and recyclable material, we are taking a big step toward sustainable consumption. We encourage all of our customers to return their old Houdini products to us when they are worn out. If they are not completely worn out they should be sold second-hand, or donated to charity, before recycling them. Read more about our work with the environment here >

Take care of your clothing
Design is really only half of the effort behind long-lasting products. If you take proper care of your clothing, you will have companions for life. You will also make a difference for the environment. Learn more at our Clothing Care School >

Production of technically advanced clothing that should last a long time requires a combination of craftsmanship and technology. This task demands precision, which is why we work with the best. When it comes to sustainability and social responsibility for our production, we accept no compromises. Read more about our suppliers and production >

We always take a holistic approach to the design process. Our products work best together.

Warm or cold, it does not matter. When it comes to underwear, we have everything under control. Our thin underwear keeps you dry and makes sure that you maintain a consistent body temperature.

Just like your underwear, you base layer helps you stay dry and either warm or cool, depending on the weather and the activity. Material and design ensure maximum comfort and mobility.

Gives you full control over your body temperature and helps wick moisture and excess heat away from the body.

With a perfect balance of protection and breathability, our shell garments keep you dry without overheating.

Insulated Shell
Exactly what it says. A shell garment with extra insulation to keep you warm in any weather.

A mix of water and wind-resistant material and material with maximum breathability. Designed for high-pulse activities.

Our lightest and coolest layer. Quick to dry, soft and pliable. Developed for activities in hotter climates, both on land and in the water.

Designed to be worn every day – on a bike, at the skate park, on a cliff face or at the office. Metropolis delivers, both outdoors and indoors.

Complete your wardrobe with our accessories, which are designed for both high-pulse activities and lazy days of relaxation.