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The Houdini Manifesto

The Houdini Manifesto

We have written down our thought on our purpose, driving forces, and where we are heading. Read about our insights, promises and dreams about the future.

Stockholm, November 2017

We are driven by a deep love for nature and the experiences it gives us. We also believe that nature has an intrinsic value, regardless of human needs.

We acknowledge that human activities have created a dire situation for the planet we live on. Companies have a big part in this, and therefore a big responsibility.

The current system, where products are produced, used and discarded at an ever increasing pace, is not working. Our mission is to transform into a circular system in harmony with our world. Nature itself is the blueprint.

Every resource we use is borrowed from nature and we will therefore treat it carefully.

We will fight overconsumption.

We will contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable technology.

We will collaborate with others and share our knowledge.

We will speak for nature when no one else does.

We will question our own way of working and evolve to address the challenges we face.

We will encourage free thinking and individuality among ourselves.

Environmental, social and economic factors are interdependent and system change depends on all of them.

Our work is fuelled by passion and therefore we take our passions seriously.

We will keep exploring the world around us.

When it snows, we will go skiing.

When there’s surf, we will go surfing.

We will keep falling in love with nature, and we will bring our friends with us.

We will never stop having fun.

We will keep working to minimize our negative footprint, move beyond zero, and leave an entirely positive impact on the world.