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Robert Rundin
Robert Rundin

Robert Rundin

Robert's exciting climbing career started with an internship at a climbing gym.

Ten years later, Robert is hall manager and route-setter at Klättercentret in Stockholm.
Robert's been involved in hosting and setting routes for many big climbing competitions such as The Swedish and Nordic Championships. Over the years Robert started to compete himself and in 2011 he won the Nordic Championship.

Climbing has taken Robert to Europe, Asia and USA, and he doesn't plan on stopping there. He wants to climb all over the world!
“After a day at work it really doesn't matter if I climb outside or inside. As long as I'm with my buddies and I get to climb I'm a happy camper!”, Robert says.

Frågor & Svar

– Best named boulder problem?
”I don't really care about the name of the boulder. A pure line that climbs well is something that inspires me to do my best. ”
– What's your take on speed climbing?
”It's not my cup of tea. ”
– How many pull-ups can you do?
”Enough! ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”Topping out a boulder or route that I've been working on is always a magic moment. But the best magic moment are the small ones you get every day. Enjoying climbing with good friends. ”
– Your favourite YouTube clip?
”Don't know, haven't seen them all yet. I'll let you know when i have! ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”There are many things that can make the world better. When you think about it, it can easily feel overwhelming. But I believe that if everybody does their part in life and make good choices, then we will be on the right track. ”

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