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  • Joakim Johansson
  • Joakim Johansson
Joakim Johansson

Joakim Johansson

This nature loving freeskier uses the mountains and wilderness of Northern Sweden as his natural playground.

Like many other kids growing up in Northern Sweden, Joakim started his skiing career going left and right between red and blue gates. After quitting race skiing just before high school, he discovered freeskiing and his interest grew stronger and stronger the more he went. A few years later, he has a pretty impressive list of results from Freeride World Qualifiers, the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships amongst other big competitions.

Joakim is a true nature lover who spends as much time as he can out in the wilderness. Besides skiing, he bikes, climbs, runs, hikes, fishes — there’s not much that this guy doesn’t do. Still living in the Northern part of Sweden, he loves his everyday life and his proximity to the forests, the mountains and the lakes where he can do all the activities he loves.

You can also follow Joakim on Instagram @jockijo

Frågor & Svar

– What are your skiing dreams right now?
”I want to get a camper and go down to the Alps for the season. Drive around there for a few months and go to different freeride competitions and mainly just explore and spend time in new areas. ”
– What is your favorite spot in the world to ski at?
”A relatively unknown part of the French Alps called Maurienne Valley. It is a long valley with a bunch of different resorts in it. There’s not a lot of people and the area is pretty unexplored so far, so I like touring and skiing in that area because a lot of the time, you feel like you are covering undiscovered land. ”
– How do you think your friends would describe you as?
”Happy, inventive and determined. ”
– Do you have a ”magic moment” you would like to share?
”Not just one that I can think of, but every time I’m in the mountains and especially when I’m standing on top of one, it is magical to me. You feel pretty small up there, looking out over that enormous scenery. ”

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