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Our focus on recycling

Our focus on recycling

All clothes wear out, sooner or later. It is our responsibility to ensure that our clothes do not go into the trash, but rather can be reborn as new garments.

We would naturally like people to wear Houdini sportswear until each garment is no longer wearable, but we fully understand that this could take a very long time. We have been providing outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality clothing since 1993, and we can see that we have a responsibility to find the clothes that need to be thrown away.

It is our hope that the first choice will be to pass on or sell our sportswear as long as the garments still have wear left in them. When they eventually need to be thrown out, we do not want them to go into the trash pile, but rather into our recycling system. If we receive garments that can still be worn, we will send them on for charitable purposes.

We have placed recycling boxes in our stores and at our retailers to collect worn-out polyester garments from end consumers. If you give us your worn-out clothes, we will make sure that they can be transformed into new, wonderful functional garments that are ready for new adventures.