Ina Vikøren

This never-stop-exploring Norweigan is one of the most inspiring people we know. Besides from being a kick ass skier and explorer, she has a big heart for our planet and manifests it through working in NGOs and giving talks to inspire climate action. A big part of Ina’s mission is to show people how amazing our backyard can be. That you don’t have to fly across the globe to find great adventures.

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Carl Lundberg

“Calle” is the IFMGA mountain guide that travelled all over the world with clients but realized that it didn’t really fit with his view of the world. He started Ski Touring Scandinavia and now wholeheartedly promotes climate friendly ski adventures in Scandinavia. Calle is a true inspiration showing that it’s possible to live fully for adventures but still live a sustainable life.

Carl Lundberg Instagram