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  • Stella Plantin
  • Stella Plantin
Stella Plantin

Stella Plantin

Hardcore climber who has a true passion for her sport and who has been climbing since before she could walk.

As a kid Stella always climbed on everything around and outside the house and her school, up to the point that her teachers forbid her from it since she never seemed to be safely on the ground. When she got older, she put on a pair of climbing shoes and her climbing interest developed into a passion. The first few times she went climbing for real, it seemed obvious that climbing was her calling and she felt like she had found what she was supposed to do with her life. The excitement in her voice when she talks about her best climbing experiences or a route she would really like to do again is unmistakable. She has a true passion for her sport which is inspiring and contagious.

Working in her local climbing gym in Göteborg, Stella loves everyday life and that she gets to work with what she loves. She builds new routes and teaches how to climb for a living, and on top of that she has just started her studies in cognitive science. Besides climbing, she also has a huge interest in music. She sings, plays and is in her local choir.

Despite all her interests, what Stella really values in life is being outdoors. She loves being in nature and in the forest and just BE, a message that we at Houdini are inspired by.

You can also follow Stella on Instagram @stellaplantin


– Dream route?
”Crackoholic, an adventurous 8a route in Bohuslän in Southern Sweden. ”
– Is there a route you are particularly proud over having finished?
”During the first year I was climbing, I was at this climbing camp with some friends and I stumbled upon a challenging route that made me hesitate my own climbing abilities. At this point, I had figured out that what I wanted to do in life was outdoor climbing, but for some reason this one route made me think that I couldn’t pursue my dream. Years later, I returned to the same spot and finished that route that made me doubt myself. That was a pretty prideful moment. ”
– Do you have a ”magic moment” you would like to share?
”A while back, I was in France with some friends, climbing a 700-meter high canyon. At midnight, we decided to climb it again and so, with the moon as our only source of light, we started at the top and lowered ourselves down. Hanging from that cliff, knowing that you are hundreds of meters above ground, aware of the eagles that are flying around you and not seeing any of this — just knowing — was magical. ”
– What do you think could make the world a better place?
”Hug your nearest and dearest more often and in a greater sense, give and show more love to the people around you. ”

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