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Emil Börner
Emil Börner

Emil Börner

As a high school student, tired of school, Emil got the brilliant idea to ride with bike from Sweden to China after his graduation.

Without any experience of either cycling or adventures, there were many who doubted that he would make it. But the greatest defeat awaited him just a year before he would begin his journey. Emil broke his lower back in a skiing accident and woke up in a hospital bed with screws in the back and an uncertain future. In one year he went from learning how to walk again, to sit in a bike seat and start cycling from Stockholm.

To Emil adventures are not about doing the craziest things, climb the highest mountain or ride the longest stretch. "For me, adventure is getting to places I would otherwise never have ended up at and let myself be surprised and inspired by people's stories”.

Emil has a strong belief in human kindness and strive to see the similarities between people rather than their differences. With joy, humor and his body language as a tool to communicate Emil met with people all over the world, rich or poor, grown-ups or kids. "If I should stay in a tent high up in the mountains far away from civilization I gladly share a pot of tea with a shepherd instead of sitting alone".

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– Three years on the road. What will you miss the most?
”I remember missing regular coffee during my last trip. So I’ll answer coffee. The strong kinda coffee I brew at home and drink from a huge mug. ”
– For your next trip, which destination are you looking forward to the most?
”I'm definitely looking forward to the Andes and the Himalayas. I love mountains wherever I go. Biking uphill for days and racing down for hours. Passing trough mountain villages and drinking tea at high altitudes. ”
– Name three things you'd never road trip without?
”My spoon, cooking gear and foldable chair! ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”When I was invited to sleep in a road worker camp in East Tibet. The workers were sleeping at 4500 meter altitude in shacks made of plywood. No one spoke English but we spent the night together around a fire drinking rice wine and eating boiled cabbage. That people with such different backgrounds and no common language can still have fun and respect each other. That’s magic! ”
– What's your favorite YouTube clip?
This one! I think this really captures the essence of a true adventure. The ability to have fun and just chill out when you find yourself in a beautiful environment. ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”I think we should all make it our biggest goal in life to talk to at least one new person everyday. ”

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