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Nicole Berthod
Nicole Berthod

Nicole Berthod

One of the toughest girls we know. Growing up in the Alps, the mountains have always been a great playground for Nicole.

Swiss born Nicole Berthod is one of the toughest girls we know. Growing up in the Alps, the mountains have always be a great playground for Nicole and her family. She started mountaineering with her family, first by doing some easy trekking with her parents, then by climbing more technical stuff with her brothers and sister. Today, Nicole is not only a UIAGM Mountain guide; she's also writing her master thesis about snow and avalanches.

Nicole climbed the Eiger North Face with her brother and boyfriend, and described it as ”the most intense mountaineering experience until now”. She has also done several ascents in the Chamonix area, which she loves and describes as the "Disneyland of mountaineering".

Her Long term project is to climb technical ascents in women teams, such as the three problems of the Alps, or, what comes on her way.


– What got you in to Mountaineering?
”As we live in the middle of the Alps, the mountains have always been a great playground for my family and myself. I started mountaineering with my family, first by doing some easy trekkings with my parents, then by climbing more technical stuff with my brothers and my sister. After this first impulse, I guess what really got me into the mountains is the wish to explore new places, meet new friends and play new adventures. ”
– I know you have a long term project to climb three projects with an all women team?
”I think it's important to have projects that makes you move further, go out of yourself and explore more of the mountains, the people and yourself. But it's easier to have projects than to realize them. It needs a lot of luck: luck to have the right conditions, the right partner and the good vibe at the right time. So, I have TOOOONS of projects: from a simple track I just want to explore to big walls to climb.. Let see what the future holds for us. ”
– Whats the best route you ever climbed?
”I loved to climb Crack Baby, an awesome icefall in the Bernese Alps, with my good friend Caroline George. This was a great moment spend together and a chance to climb this awesome icefall in a girl team. ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”Looking at the beauty of nature, but not just looking. Looking with a gaze that brings you out of yourself, and feeling to be a part of this. ”
– Your favorite YouTube clip?
”I always have kind of waves: for a period, I'm very excited about one song, it can last for several weeks, and then it's the overdosis! ;) Right now it's "Tamacun" by Rodrigo i Gabriela, a mexican duo playing joyfully guitar songs. And considering movies: "summits of my life" from Kilian Jornet. I like the way he sees the mountains. He does it with a big respect and a certain deepness. ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”Ha, that's a tricky question!! ;) Every big adventure starts with a single step, and every big change starts with little actions..! So before trying to improve the world, I try to humbly improve myself. Mother Teresa said that what we do is a small drop in the ocean, but if we wouldn't do anything, this drop would miss the ocean and it would eventually dry up. ”

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