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Lina Skoglund
Lina Skoglund

Lina Skoglund

Biking as a passion and lifestyle.

Mountain biking came in late in Lina's life. Prior to her mountain biking, a lot of other sports always were in focus. But the love for biking grew quickly and the strive to improve came naturally. Since then, biking has become a passion for Lina and what she puts most of her spare time into. Lina's competitive mindset put her on the start line soon after buying her first downhill bike.

Through the years she has won the Swedish National Championships, two gold medals in Master World Championships and several other
medals in Sweden and internationally. Together with her partner Steve she travels a lot and some of the favorite places are Whistler, New Zealand and Europe.

”For me the bike is the perfect tool to explore nature, mountains and hang out with people. Bike people are friendly and relaxed and biking together is a great way to get to know each other better. You bond naturally through all the laughs and experiences you get to share.”

”I do both downhill (lift access in bike parks) and trail riding (you ride uphill and downhill). Trail riding is an awesome way to explore mountains and places. It takes you to fantastic nature far from roads and houses - with only yourself and your bike buddies. That is another kind of adventure and a wonderful complement to bike parks.”

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– Have you always been a ”biker”?
”No, I actually started relatively late. I’ve always been into sports of different kinds, but biking is now my biggest passion. ”
– What does a 16 meter long jump feel like?
”I felt a bit nervous and focused before but pumped and excited afterwards. ”
– Are you ever scared on your bike?
”Not scared, but nervous. But if my heart rate didn’t raise at times it would mean I wasn't pushing my boundaries to get better. It’s part of the sport. It's such a great feeling when I’ve accomplished a challenge. ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”When I’m out biking with friends on the mountain and I am 100% caught up in the moment. It’s cool when you realize you get so into what you’re doing that you forget everything else. ”
– Your favourite YouTube clip?
”Those clips that blow you away, when you see people pushing the limits to take the sport further. It could be the action itself or the way it’s filmed or how it's put together. ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”Kindness and less selfish people. ”

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