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Hanna Restorp
Hanna Restorp

Hanna Restorp

Hanna Restorp is a passionate climber who would rather live simply than work 9 to 5.

Hanna lives to climb, and climbs to live. It’s obvious when you meet her. She has climbed mountains all over the world and some of Sweden's toughest granite rocks are found just outside her door. Indoors, bouldering, sport climbing, ice climbing, big wall or trad – Hanna is always up for the challenge. The summer of 2012 she climbed in Greenland with Hilde Bjørgaas and she definitely has many more trips to come.

To climb granite is Hanna’s favourite which has brought her to Yosemite in the USA several times. She teamed up with her boyfriend Petter and they became the first Swedish team to ever climb the notorious Nose on El Capitan in just one day.


– Hanna, why climbing?
”It makes me happy. It's as simple as that. It also gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful friends all over the world and see new places all the time. I like the complexity of the different disciplines of climbing, from bouldering to ice climbing and the progression when learning something new. Climbing takes me to a state of mind that I really enjoy and the most challenging situations I have experienced have happened when climbing. ”
– What are your thoughts on yoga? Mystical nonsense or daily ritual?
”I would love to say daily ritual, but the 'daily' would have to be exchanged for 'once in a while'. I do it a lot when my body is stiff after too much climbing, but then I tend to forget about it until my body reminds that I need it again. ”
– What's it like sleeping in a portaledge?
”The first half hour is always a little exiting, you move around very carefully and are a little bit scared that the whole thing will flip over. Then you start to relax and enjoy it. Some of my most memorable moments have been watching the sunset from the portaledge and being in it brings me a certain calm and happiness. This spring my friend Hilde and I put it up on our local crag just to get that feeling for a night. ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”It was when Hilde and I climbed Ulamertorsuaq at Greenland. We brought the portaledge to have a relaxed climb after pushing on Nalumasortoq for 25 hours straight. So we brought good food, warm sleeping bags and some wine, and planned to take it easy. After two days on the wall with climbing and two days of sitting in the port-ledge in the rain we left the porta that we named Ulla by that time to try to climb to the top. We had 18 pitches of beautiful granite above us and had one of the best climbing days I have had. The dusk sneaked up on us and a pinkish light in the surrounding clouds enveloped us in a so unreal world for almost an hour. Still when I think of it today I don't know if it was for real. ”
– Your favourite YouTube clip?
”I wish I had one. To be honest I don't think I've seen more than 10 Youtube clips. Most of them have been shown to me by others. The last one I saw was 'How to drive a cultivator'. It worked for me, I could start my cultivator, but I would't recommend it :) ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”If everybody took the time to care just a little bit, about the people around them and about the development of our world. ”

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