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Felix Oppenheim
Felix Oppenheim

Felix Oppenheim

Felix is not only an amazing photographer, he is also an exceptionally demanding user of our products.

There is no need to call Felix at his photo studio. If we need to get in touch with him, we call his cell phone! He's often travelling to some far away place to photograph something extraordinary.

Once he crossed Lake Hövsgöl Nuur in Mongolia on Nordic skates with some true enthusiasts from the Swedish Skate Sailing Association. It was so cold that carving with the newly sharpened skates was almost impossible.

As well as being able to work at 6,000-metre altitudes or at -50 degrees Celsius, he has to be ready for desert heat and tropical rains. Felix is one of the most inspiring people we know.

You can also follow Felix on Instagram


– What's the most exciting place you’ve ever visited?
”Many places, for example, Iceland, Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Rift Valley, Kenya; New Zealand and Kashmir in India. ”
– What's more exciting; taking photos of nature or people?
”People in nature! ”
– What makes your heart skip a beat?
”When every piece in a photo falls into the right place, i.e. light, composition and action. ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”South Africa! ”
– Your favourite YouTube clip?
”Don't have one. ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”Respect and tolerance of each other. ”

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