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Erik Pousette
Erik Pousette

Erik Pousette

Erik is the most creative skier we know who’s passion for nature is shown through his photography, paintings and graphics.

Skiing has always been a big part of Erik’s life but as he got older, he felt as though he could not express himself creatively enough through just skiing. He started spending more and more time of visual arts like photography and painting.

He draws inspiration from his skiing and everything else in nature, so one could say that he found a way to combine his two passions.

Together with some friends he met in a ski resort, he started the filming group/skiing collective The Bunch. When they started the group, they all knew that they wanted to create more than just ski movies.

They wanted the films to be artworks, and what they created turned into a company that today also creates music videos, clothing etc. ”We all grow from each other’s strengths”, says Erik.

photos; Alric Ljunghager

You can also follow Erik on Instagram @erikpousette


– What does skiing mean to you?
”I used to spend hours and hours figuring out the sickest line on a mountain or discuss with my friends where the coolest drops and turns would be. I still have the same love for skiing, but now I want to share more of the beauty of skiing with the world and I want to inspire people to spend more time in nature. ”
– How do you think your friends would describe you?
”A creative, happy and energetic thinker. Well, you can always hope that that’s how they think of me! ”
– Do you have a ”magic moment” you would like to share?
”I went with The Bunch to Gulmarg in India to explore the mountains of Jammu. On our way down from the mountain after our first day, our guide saw signs that a snow leopard was nearby. According to Indian culture, seeing a snow leopard brings happiness, and since the animal barely even gets spotted by the locals, it was a very unique experience. ”
– What do you think could make the world a better place?
”To start using our eyes more and to look around us more because there is beauty in everything. ”

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