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Core Comfort

Simply put - comfort for all senses, for body and soul. We call it Core Comfort.

Ultimate comfort, the way we see it, is clothing you barely feel that you’re wearing. Clothing you can rely on, that won’t get in your way or require your constant attention that allows you to focus on your sport rather than your gear.

With Core Comfort we’re taking a holistic approach. We don’t settle for gear just providing a stable microclimate. We want you to experience a freedom of movement and next-to-skin comfort reminiscent of nakedness.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident with how your gear will endure use and abuse, stay fresh and even look good. We want to provide versatility to the point where you can say ”yes” to just about any proposition of playing hard and having fun. Last but not least, Core Comfort isn’t just about protecting your microclimate; it’s about knowing you’re looking after the world’s as well.

Layering for Core Comfort

The physical benefits of maintaining a constant body temperature, what we call your ‘microclimate’, are huge. Dressing in layers enables you to properly control your microclimate at any activity level, in any weather. By choosing the right combination of layers to suit your needs you’ll be able to pack less, perform better and go further.

Taking an inside-out approach is essential. When you play hard you get sweaty, which is deplorable when it comes to keeping warm and dry. Our products, and especially those worn next to skin, compensate for this by moving moisture away from your skin and transporting it to the outside. The outer layers, although keeping weather at a distance, are developed to aid the inner layers in moving moisture from the inside to the outside.

That is why we strive for maximum breathability and make sure you stay comfortable and protected with minimum barriers. Barriers, such as wind or waterproof membranes, are only added when absolutely necessary. That is why we are just as picky with the performance of our inner layers as with our shells, and why we urge you to take the inside-out approach as well.

The comfort of versatile gear

Core Comfort is knowing you have ”all you need in a duffle bag” (One duffle bag in total that is, not one for each and every sport you do). We want your gear to allow you to say ”yes, sure I’ll come” when given the opportunity to do something unexpected. We want you to end up going rafting on a climbing trip, try ice climbing on a ski trip or stay the night in the backcountry to catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

That means we make our gear as versatile as possible without compromising with performance, versatile enough for you to use the same set of clothing for most of your sports versatile enough to use them all year around and maybe not only for sports, but for just hanging out as well.

We want our gear to provide you with possibilities rather than limitations.

Sustainability as comfort for your soul

Core Comfort isn’t just about protecting your microclimate; it’s about knowing you’re looking after the world’s as well. In a local perspective by being comfortable and confident that your gear will endure use and abuse. That it will stay fresh and last long, both in terms of quality and style. In a global perspective by feeling good about the fact that it is made in the most sustainable way possible, from fibers and finishing to packaging and shipping.

That is why we work hard on the durability of our products and never settle for anything less than top quality. That is why we strive for timeless aesthetics and are proud to have styles in our line that have been around for more than a decade. That is why we are at the forefront when it comes to using sustainable technologies and manufacturing. That is why we have reached so far in fiber purity, enabling us to recyclable or biodegrade most of our products when they eventually wear out. That is why we will keep pushing ourselves and our partners to …explore new ways on improving further.

Freedom of movement

Core Comfort is feeling confident your gear will enable you to perform at the top of your ability and never restrict your freedom of movement. When stretching that extra inch for a hold we want our gear to move with you, silently and willingly.

That is why we work so hard on the fit of our products. We bet you wouldn’t be able to find a single piece of square-shaped fabric or a straight cut line in any one of them. Every single product has been shaped with the anatomy and movement of the human body (male or female) in mind. The motion and dynamics of different sports have been taken into account, as has layering comfort and ease.

The comfort of reliable gear

Core Comfort is knowing your gear will perform, especially in situations when you need it the most, knowing that it will last long, endure use and abuse and become a favorite companion on your travels and adventures.

That is why we develop our products for, and test them in a variety of, extreme conditions. That is why we partner up with the world’s leading suppliers of performance fabrics and technologies and why we work together with a bunch of Houdini Friends that use our gear on a daily basis and depend on it to perform.

From our own experiences we know that your clothing, just like any other piece of equipment, can either make or break your outdoor experience.