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Second-hand products now available in our stores

Second-hand products now available in our stores

By selling goods second-hand, we are offering more customers the possibility of using our products while also extending the life of our products.

Our goal is to decrease our environmental footprint and extend the life of our products. Second-hand sales make it possible for more customers to use our products while at the same time enabling us to pass on the message that our products can endure the test of time, both in terms of quality and style.

Turn in your old Houdini clothing to our second-hand sales department. The garments will be priced based on our regular price list and by how many wonderful adventures they have been on, i.e. how well-used and worn they are.

When the garment is sold you will receive 50% of the sales price. In order to thank you for helping us extend the life of Houdini clothing, we also offer a 20% discount on any purchases made from our regular product range when picking up your commission.

You can naturally sell your old Houdini products yourself, for example via Blocket. In our experience, the re-sale value of Houdini products is usually quite high.