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Suppliers and production

Suppliers and production

We have always been extremely careful when selecting our producers and our method of production. Environmentally sustainable and ethical conditions.

We have made the conscious decision to only have a few suppliers and producers. This way we can have control and be confident that they are working in a manner that feels right for us. We want long-term, close and solid relationships, and we have worked with most of our suppliers and producers for many years.

All Houdini products are currently manufactured in Europe. This means that we can easily monitor whether or not our producers are in compliance with our high demands on sustainability and human rights. The majority of our products are made from recycled or renewable fibers, and most are also recyclable or biodegradable. We have set the bar high – we want our production cycles to be closed. We are open to the possibility of moving production to other parts of the world in the future, but we will naturally still place the same high demands on the environment, working conditions and quality as we always do.

We believe that long-term business relationships are important. We want there to be a mutual understanding for and a common interest in working with a high level of quality and function as well as environmental issues. We visit our suppliers on a regular basis, anywhere from two to five times a year. We have worked with most of our partners for many years and we know that they are in compliance with current regulations and laws and that they live up to our high standards.

Many of our suppliers and producers work with environmental issues themselves, and together we can help influence the products and production methods of the future. If you want to learn more about our producers and suppliers, more information is available here:

Our producers:

Spectre, Lettland, www.spectre.dk/
LTP, Litauen, www.l-t-p.com/
SG Balticum A/S, Estland, http://www.sg.ee/
Marbäck, Sverige, www.marbacktricot.se
Thermo, Polen
Nurme, Estland
J Caetano, Portugal, www.jcaetano.net/
Sätila, Sverige, www.satila.com/
WASA, Sverige, www.wasasweden.com/
Grown, Portugal

Our fabric suppliers:

Teijin, Japan, www.teijin.com
Polartec, USA, www.polartec.com
Pontetorto, Italien, www.pontetorto.it/en
Laka, Taiwan, www.lakatex.com/
Eurojersey, , www.sensitivefabrics.it/
Primaloft, USA, www.primaloft.com/
Raco, Taiwan, www.racotextile.com/
Marbäck, Sverige, www.marbacktricot.se

Our products do not carry the Fairtrade label since we believe that we have good control over our suppliers and producers. We have reviewed Fairtrade’s guidelines and have been able to confirm that all of our suppliers and producers meet the Fairtrade targets. We therefore believe it is more important to focus on and invest money in the areas where we can clearly see there is a need for change and improvement.

Our policy documents and Code of Conduct can be found here, link to Houdini's Code of Conduct