Waterproof, windproof and completely circular.

Photo: Oscar Morin

Photo: Oscar Morin

What is Made to Move?

Our Made to Move series is a celebration of movement. Instead of the traditional 2-dimensional way of cutting patterns, these garments are draped directly onto a moving body from one single piece of fabric. This innovative way of designing clothes does not only give you unlimited freedom of movement, it also reduces the amount of materials used since the need for stretch panels is history.

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Testing the Rollercoaster

We equipped Carl Lundberg, Houdini Friend and UIAGM mountain guide with a Rollercoaster set for last winter.

”RollerCoaster is the first shell I ever had that is truly cuff-constant, by that I mean the sleeves and legs don ́t pull up as extremities are bent. Something that is particularly practical when wearing gloves and boots. My first full-scale prototyping of Rollercoaster was on a research expedition to Antarctica. In sub zero temperatures I used more open outer layers like C9 most of the time. But when winds picked up to hurricane forces I really appreciated having a bomb proof shell handy. I am really impressed to see the detail and precision the design team put into zipper integration - invincible!”