Eva Sigurbjörnsdóttir

Eva moved to Strandir in the Westfjords of Iceland 30 years ago. Together with her husband, she opened up Hotel Djúpavík in an old fishery station and became head of Árneshreppur municipality.


A painting artist that draws out the sight of her own mind with flamboyant colors and creative symmetry patterns. In recent years she has been working on collaborative mural painting under the name of “HITOTZUKI" with partner Kami.

Ina Vikøren

Skier, adventurer and sustainability activist Ina Vikøren photographed in Tryvann, Norway. Ina is on a mission to promote local adventures and inspire people realize the beauty of their own backyard, regardless where they live.

Clara Bodén and Sanna Bodén

Sisters Clara Bodén, filmmaker, and Sanna Bodén, designer, photographed on Rödön, Sweden. Sanna and Clara are both multi artists but something they have in common is their interest in questions around city and rural areas, center and periphery.

Takashi Yui

He started up the "YUI FARM” in 2014 after working with apparel brand management and the hospitality industry. His farming style is growing vegetables without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers or artificial materials. He is also a founder of “weekend farmers" that aim to connect producers and consumers.

Tobias Forsberg

Brewmaster Tobias Forsberg photographed in his brewery on the island of Fjäderholmarna in the Stockholm archipelago. Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri was founded in 2014 and besides making craft beer, they run a brewpub on the island.

Akira Ishikawa

A stylist with a reputation for innovative and challenging styling. His counterculture activities are multifaceted and move beyond the borders of styling, such as running the original brand “ULTRA HEAVY".

Marie Karlsson

Marie is the chronically positive store manager at the Houdini shop in Åre, Sweden. She moved to Åre nine years ago, fell in love with the great outdoors, and has barely left the village since.

Elías Svavar Kristinsson

Fisherman from Drangar at the Westfjords of Iceland.

Repairable design

Made in Power Stretch Pro

High collar hood

The adventures of the first Power Houdi

In 2001, during the final design phase of this Houdini classic, we equipped UIAGM mountain guide Carl Lundberg with a prototype to test. Ten years later the jacket has travelled four continents, skied powder in Japan and slept on beaches in Hawaii. Read about one of the world’s most extensive field testing here:

The Power Houdi’s adventure