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SKI Romsdal Guide Group
SKI Romsdal Guide Group

SKI Romsdal Guide Group

Amund, Halvor and Ole are the three super skiers, climbers and guides of Romsdalen who guides on these mountains better than anyone.

Romsdal is the mountain, valley and fjord paradise of western Norway that attracts skiers, climbers, hikers and adventurers from around the world. If you ever find yourself in these majestic mountains, make sure you turn to the guide group Ski Romsdal consisting of the three friends Amund, Halvor and Ole, for help. After spending most of their lives in and around Romsdal and exploring the mountains by skis, climbing shoes and hiking boots, they know these mountains better than most people.

Having experienced every type of weather, avalanche hazard and snow condition, Amund, Halvor and Ole knows the value of having gear that works for your body as well as works for a sustainable world. That is why we at Houdini are more than happy to work with them.

Being outside is their core value, and no matter what the weather is like, they never cancel a guided tour to go inside. ”There is always something to do outside, and fresh air just does something with us so we always want to be outside and we encourage our guests to do the same!”

You can also follow SKI Romsdal on Instagram @skiromsdal


– What do you never go on a tour without?
”My Airborn base layers. ”
– What is the most important thing for you as guides to bare in mind during a guided tour?
”Of course to guide our guests onto safe grounds and make responsible choices. We as guides have a lot of experience that we want to teach and pass on to our guests. To be aware of the mountains’ behaviours is the most important knowledge we can spread. ”
– Can Swedish mountains compare to Norweigan ones?
”I haven’t spent enough time in Swedish mountains to say, but I do know that we are incredibly lucky to live in this part of the world. Scandinavian nature has it all and we are good at preserving that nature, which is why we should make use of it! ”
– Do you have a ”magic moment” you would like to share?
”There is something special about the light in December and January. The days are very dark and the sun only shines on the peaks of the mountains. Summiting these peaks to reach that rare winter light is magical to me. ”

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