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Martin Krautschneider
Martin Krautschneider

Martin Krautschneider

As if it wasn’t enough being a rising freeskiing star, Martin has double university degrees. Did we say he’s a model too?

If Martin wasn’t such a nice guy, it would be easy to dislike him. He’s just one of those persons that seem to be good at everything he does. Growing up in the small town of Landeck in the Austrian alps, Martin’s parents put him in ski kindergarten when he was two years old. Like many Austrian kids, he started ski racing early and spent the next ten years working on his technique on rock hard groomers. But eventually he got fed up with it and quit skiing altogether.

Between the ages of sixteen to eighteen, Martin almost didn’t touch a pair of skis. He says he used the spare time to focus on school and being the ambitious little bastard he is (sorry Martin), we don’t doubt it. What was needed to get him back on skis was when he discovered freeskiing after high school. Then some friends asked him to join them for a freeskiing competition and now he spend most weekends jumping cliffs and chasing jury points.

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– What’s your favourite ski spot in the whole world?
”I have to say Venet, right by my home town Landeck in Austria. It’s a secret little wonderland with great terrain and almost no people. My friends might hurt me for giving this away. ”
– What do you like to do besides skiing?
”I love all kind of sports! ”
– And besides sports?
”Ehm… that’s a good question. I really like music. I always have my earphones on. ”
– Do you have a favourite ski film?
”There’s an Austrian short film called Dasein. For me, it’s THE freeride film. The feeling is exactly how I feel when I ski. You can watch it for free on Youtube: Dasein
– What would make the world a better place?
”It’s such a hard question. Maybe if people would reflect more on what they do and how they treat people. I try to be a better person every day, even if it’s just small things. ”

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