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Ina Vikøren
Ina Vikøren

Ina Vikøren

This never-stop-exploring Norweigan is one of the most inspiring people we know.

This never-stop-exploring Norweigan is one of the most inspiring people we know. Her passions include most activities one can do on a mountain or in nature. She also is a big promoter for the environment, mostly through her amazing work with Protect Our Winters. ¨

She is not only a front figure for the climate supporting organisation, she also holds lectures and talks in order to spread awareness and motivation to make a difference.

Ina has spent a huge part of her life right here in the Scandinavian mountains, which has showed her how fortunate we are living in these surroundings. She has realized that we don’t need to travel all over to find world class skiing, surfing, climbing etc.

Looking at her amazing pictures from all her local adventures, we at Houdini can’t help to be inspired and encouraged to go out and explore more of the nature that we have in our very backyard. ”We can play a lot more in our own (or our neighbor’s’) backyard, and save the environment from all the travelling”, is Ina’s philosophy.

You can also follow Ina on Instagram @ina.vik


– Ina, you do most of the adventures in between sky and sea — or should I say mountain top and valley —, what brings you the most joy out of everything you do?
”Skiing, no doubt. ”
– You seem to be all over Norway, where do actually live?
”I love every part of Norway and I don’t really live in just one place. I am from Bergen but I have an apartment in Oslo right now, so I would say Oslo is my base camp, but this past summer I have lived in Lofoten and I also spend a lot of time in Sogndal. So the answer to that question would be that I live a little all over. ”
– Is there anything important that spending all that time in nature has taught you?
”A lot of things. But especially that I am part of something that is bigger than myself. That we are all connected and thereby have a responsibility towards not only the Earth and nature, but towards each other as well. ”
– What do you think could make the world a better place?
”Abandon all ’ignorance is bliss’ reasoning. Seek information, make responsible choices and protect what you love. ”

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