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Carl Lundberg
Carl Lundberg

Carl Lundberg

Carl is an internationally certified mountain guide with merits ranging from once winning the Swedish Ice-climbing Championships to expeditions worldwide!

”There are so many fun sports and I simply can’t keep from trying to learn new things. But I have always been particularly thrilled by mountains. They are a never-ending source of challenges and also a relentless master. I think that's why I got hooked on climbing and skiing. Its the same with the ocean, water is incredibly fascinating. To sail around the world, or at least a part of it, is something I am dreaming of.”

"To zip on a Power Houdi is like getting a big hug! "

From skiing around the corner to expeditions to the Antarctic, Pakistan, China and Kyrgyzstan IFMGA-mountainguide Carl's love of the outdoors is clear. Where he found the time to do a PhD in robotics we have no idea! In addition he is one of our fitting models, helping us to improve and optimise our products.

Spending more days outside than in, he knows what works.

"Smart design, with insulation only where needed allows you to get away with one layer less. Before the Alpine Alphies I often wore double base layers but while climbing I got too warm. Thanks to light garments that breath and heat on the right spots you neither have to be cold, or loose out on performance, due to overheating. Cloud 9 is my latest favourite, the best thing that has happened since the Powder Houdi."


– Is there any place in the world you haven't been to yet?
”The world is big! It would be fun to have visited all continents and I am about half way on that list so far. And as mentioned it would be a dream coming true to do it by sail and by my own legs. ”
– Who are you most like – MacGyver or Indiana Jones?
”MacGyver, no doubt. I know I'm a bit of a geek. Indiana Jones might be better looking and more charming, but doesn't he seem to survive on pure luck all the time? ”
– What is it with you and the yellow?
”Yeah, one might wonder. It goes way back to when my family first got a Monopoly game. The only game piece left over when my older siblings picked theirs was the yellow one. In order to not come out of the game as a loser I decided yellow was my favourite colour and I stayed with it ever since. ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”Sunrise, definitely. When working as a mountain guide you get to do a few more alpine starts than desired. But when the first rays of sun cross the ragged mountain horizon, the past hours of darkness and cold are quickly forgotten. ”
– Your favourite YouTube clip?
Wooden spoon trick is hilarious and it’s from Island, I want to go there! ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”Less fanaticism. ”

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