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Anders Lewander
Anders Lewander

Anders Lewander

He's a slightly unusual sailor who loves to hang in a trapeze and push his 5.5-metre catamaran to its limits.

In the 90s he was the first Swede to compete at an international level using 18-foot boats. After that he started the 14-foot class in Sweden.
For the past few years, he's run a sail-making firm and has regularly been hired as guest sailor on all kinds of competition boats to trim the sails and tweak the boat speeds. His last effort was Archipelago Raid, a 470 km long non-stop race in the Stockholm and Åland archipelagos.

2012, Anders won with Calle Hennix in his Formula 18 boat. During the four days the race went on for, Anders and Calle were clothed in dry suits with Houdini Power Mid Tights, Alpha Boxers and Alpha Crew underneath.


– Do you ever feel at one with the water?
”The transition between water and wind is my environment, constantly working with speed and trimming the sails. Water is a motion that you always need to adopt to, you have to act - not just react - for the sudden changes. Waves, changes in wind and the boat makes me feel at one with my sport of water, always... ”
– Tell us about your turtle!
”Skalis the turtle is our family life companion, he wonders around free during summer and sleeps deep in winter. Each morning during our early yoga Skalis comes out to join us with his morning breakfast, helps us keeping connected to the 'present'. ”
– Do you believe there is a cure to sea sickness?
”I think everybody feels motion sickness, but it's very personal. The only way to suffer less, I think, is to confront it and get on with the job. Adapt to the motion, try to understand it and be with it. It's partly a mental thing and you get used to it. I would not say it's a cure, more of a treatment. ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”When I feel at one with the water! Magic moment is about complete awareness, it usually comes towards you when you are tired and everything is hard work with best of team spirit. Like while pushing the Ericsson 3 close to the limit in the Southern Ocean, passing our competition in 30 knots! But it can be experienced here and now, Baltic Sea is just an hour away and my strongest Magic Moments is within the Archipelago sail racing, sail cruising and yoga. ”
– Your favourite YouTube clip?
”Well now I'm very selfish. YouTube is all about memories, experiences and encouragement. So the favorite one right now is memories from Sydney Harbour in the 18ft Skiff. It makes me want to go again! ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”For people to embrace and respect nature and be aware of the uncomplicated beauty. We are only guests for a short while. Don't try to understand it, just be with it. That's when love, peace and joy evolve. ”

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