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We are at our best when we are starting a revolution

We are at our best when we are starting a revolution

Houdini's history has been influenced by a constant desire to challenge the status quo. We are at our best when we are driving development forward and challenging the current norms.

Houdini was founded in 1993 when its founder, Lotta Giornofelice, discovered stretch-fleece during a skiing and climbing trip to New Zealand. Back then the material was largely unknown. Lotta started small-scale production of functional underwear, which quickly gained popularity among climbing circles.

The company gained attention, and not just for its clothing. The outdoor industry was, and still is, dominated largely by men. A small, irreverent company run by women left an immediate impression.

The company challenged the established norm again in the early 2000s when it began to produce base layers and insulated clothing. We introduced functional garments that did not look like functional garments. Not so strange, you are thinking. But back then, a fleece was supposed to be functional. Not attractive. We received a lot of negative feedback, that it would never work. Luckily, we understood our customers better than that.

Most recently we rocked the boat when our sustainability work reached the market. After years of negotiations with suppliers, we introduced our first products made from recycled polyester in 2007. These days sustainability is a central component in everything we do, and we have launched many environmental projects, including everything from eco-friendly stores and base layers made from left-over pieces of fabric to second-hand sales and shell garment rentals. Read more on our Sustainability page.

Today we offer a comprehensive selection of productions ranging from underwear to shell garments. “Maximum Experience. Zero Impact” is our vision. We want to help our customers get out into nature and experience fantastic moments. Without leaving behind any impact.

So what is the next revolution? We do not know yet. We are in the middle of an environmental revolution, but we promise to continue to redefine borders. Sitting still is so boring.