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Sondre Loftsgarden
Sondre Loftsgarden

Sondre Loftsgarden

Sondre is the skiing genius who is born and raised in the heart of the Norwegian mountains.

Born and raised in Norway’s Telemark County, Sondre grew up skiing telemark. You could say that skiing is his legacy, since he grew up in a family of skiers who have their home in a mountain town. His talent in the sport was shown to everyone when he won the Norwegian Championship a few years back. Nowadays, he lives wherever his skiing takes him, which for the last couple of years has been Sogndal as a base while he travels the world making ski films.

Due to a knee injury, he has switched from telemark to alpine skiing lately and is enjoying that. But every once in awhile, when the conditions are just right, he dusts off his telemark skis and goes for a few turns.

As if having conquered two types of skiing wasn’t enough, he also snowboards. Sondre believes that every type of skiing or boarding etc are connected and that they all make him better as a skier.

Sondre is working on a plan to stay home for a winter season soon, in order to cut down on traveling. He wants to show everybody who already lives in or near a mountain town or ski resort that they do not need to travel far to experience good skiing. We like his way of thinking and we are inspired by his way of using the great conditions we have here in Scandinavia.

You can also follow Sondre on Instagram @sondreloftsgarden


– Tips on favorite spots in Norway to ski?
”Sogndal. The biggest mountains in Norway are around here and around Jotunheimen so I would have to say this area. ”
– What do you like to do when you’re not skiing?
”I have been climbing for over ten years so I spend a lot of time on that. Indoor, outdoor, ice, traditional — I like every type of climbing. In the fall I go moose hunting for a couple of weeks. I think it is important that if you eat meat, you do it in the most sustainable way possible. ”
– Do you have a ”magic moment” you would like to share?
”One time I was climbing Mont Blanc in the sunrise. That early morning golden light combined with the chain of headlights behind me and the amazing scenery all around was definitely a magical moment for me. ”
– What do you think could make the world a better place?
”I think the world could be a better place if we all slowed down our pace a little bit and we get better at seeing each other instead of our egos. ”

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