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Marit Svarstad Andresen
Marit Svarstad Andresen

Marit Svarstad Andresen

Marit is born and raised in the former olympic city of Lillehammer, Norway. At 19 she left home and moved to the small fishing village of Lofoten, know for it's majestic nature. It was here she fell in love with alpinism, especially skiing and climbing. Since then she's moved all over Norway working with skiing and climbing.

She might not be the one the climbed the hardest lines, or skied the hardest mountains, but she is by many people called one of Norway's happiest mountain guides. As a guide she get's to combine the two things she love the most – being outdoors and meet new people. She got her mountain guide training from “Norske Tindeveiledere”, which is UIAGM / IFMGA.

Today Marit lives in Sogndal, a small village next to the Sognefjord. It's a place with fantastic mountains with lots of snow during winter. Sogndal also has great climbing and offer great routes for Marits new passion – terrain mountain biking.

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– Can the Swedish mountains ever compare to the Norwegian?
”I've not spent that much time in the swedish mountains, so I can only speak for the Norwegian ones. In Norway you can find a mountain for anyone, and any activity you would ever dream of wanting to do. ”
– If I got to visit one place to ski and climb in Norway, where should I go?
”Since you are looking for just one place that has it all, I would have to say Lofoten, and then go to Romsdalen. ”
– Name three things you'd never road trip without?
”Good friends, coffee and a equipment suited for the trip your on. ”
– What's your Magic Moment?
”When I go on nice hike's with friendly people. And if I get to take a swim at the end of the day, it get's at least 50% better! ”
– What's your favourite YouTube clip?
”I spend way more time outside then inside, so I cant say i spend much time at youtube. Might be a bad answer, but hey, at least it's an honest one. ”
– What do you think would make the world a bit better?
”Less egos, and a bit more tolerance. ”

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